Beginning November 1st 2020 the City will be disconnecting water service for people who have a past due balance. The City of Webster’s Utility Billing department is looking to work with citizens who have fallen behind on their utility bills by offering payment plans before disconnecting service. Customers seeking to avoid disruption of services are encouraged to participate in the payment plan program available to them. Enrolling in this free program is easy. Those in need of the relief can follow the steps below:

  1. Your past due balance must be caught up in six months.
  2. You must stay current on your bills created after November 1st, 2020.
  3. You will be required to pay your current bill in full along with your installment plan.

This program will be available through November 30th, 2020. Customers who enroll will be required to make ALL scheduled payments, on-time, with no extensions given. A missed payment while on the payment arrangement will void your enrollment and could cause interruption of service.

To sign up today for this gracious offer by the City’s utility billing department please download the form here and either come in in person to set up your payment plan or call 281-316-4120 or email utilitybill@cityofwebster.com.

Utility Department Responsibilities

The City of Webster is dedicated to providing residential and commercial customers with a high standard of courteous and effective services. The Utility Department is responsible for establishing and maintaining customer utility rates.

Establishing a New Account

To establish a new account, customers are required to fill out an application that is available at City Hall or online. A deposit is required for each account that is retained by the City and applied to the final bill. A refund will be issued to the forwarding address if the final bill is less than the deposit.

Information about water, sewer, and drainage utilities.

Application to establish a utility account and authorization for draft payments.

Water & Wastewater Rates

Water and Wastewater rates consist of a base rate and a volumetric rate. The base rate is the minimum bill that a customer would receive and is based upon the size of a customer’s meter. The volumetric rate is the amount charged to a customer based on usage.

View current utility rates (PDF).

Meter Deposits

When establishing a new residential account, customers are required to provide a deposit.  The fee for an owner owned resident is $35.00 per meter.  Some residents have a water meter and a sprinkler meter in which case the fee would be $70.00. If you are unsure if your property has one or two meters please call 281-316-4120 or e-mail utilitybill@cityofwebster.com to find out. If you are renting a residence the meter deposit fee is $100.00 per meter.

For commercial properties please call 281-316-4120 or e-mail utilitybill@cityofwebster.com to get a price on the deposit for the location you are requesting water service.

Utility Billing

Utility bills are mailed on the last day of the month. Payments are due on the 20th of the following month, or the next business day if the 20th falls on a weekend.

A 10% late fee is applied to accounts with an outstanding balance after the due date. Accounts with outstanding balances at the end of the month receive a yellow door hanger, which is a final notice of disconnection of service for nonpayment. Once service is disconnected, the total balance plus a $20 reconnection fee must be paid before service will be restored.

Paperless Billing

You may email utilitybill@cityofwebster.com and request to go paperless; please provide the account number and name on the account that matches your printed bill. Your bill will be sent to the same email address your request came from.

Payment Methods

  • In person at City Hall (Cash, check, money order, Visa, or MasterCard)
  • Drop box located in front of City Hall (Check or money order)
  • Bank draft on the 20th of each month (download Utility Payment Draft Form (PDF))
  • Mailed check or money order, delivery must be by due date to avoid late fee.
  • Onlineby Visa or MasterCard.
    • Note: A $3 convenience fee is charged for online payments